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In the past all Americans were roughly in the same economic situation. In today's time there are no longer National Boundaries, industries and corporations have globalized and all of the business are out to try to make money. There are roughly three types of classifications that people fall under this includes; the routine worker, the in-person server, and the symbolic analyst. This gives people all the skills they need in order to succeed in today's time. Higher education is the seed to a promising future in today's job market. The one class that has been hit the most by globalization in the marketplace is the routine worker. Often times in order to derail a work stoppage management would cave in to demand that often times included; longer breaks, better pay, and improved working conditions. For without the production worker there would be no product.AT&T for example closed its Louisiana plant in favor of a plant in Singapore then when it found that labor costs would be less in Taiwan they switched again from Singapore to Taiwan. Many of the routine production workers did not get through high school let alone get a higher education. Now many are having a hard time trying to survive the volatile global job market. The second type of class is the in-person server. The demand for the in-person server is lower but not the worst of the three classifications. Many in-person servers work only part-time so their income is not that much per month. They are also lacking some of the benefits others take for granted such as; health care, life insurance, and disability. The in-person server has two main copetators. The first are new laborsaving machines like; ATM machines, self-serve gas pumps, automatic car washes, and vending machines. All of these machines are taking the jobs from the in-person severs. The second competitor is the routine worker. Many routine production workers...

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792 words - 3 pages gave African Americans the opportunity to sit where ever we wanted on the bus.ReferencesRemembering Segregation Retrieved on January 19, 2008 from Montgomery Bus Boycott Retrieved on January 20, 2008 from

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