Americans Are Immigrants! Essay

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Americans are Immigrants!

     “Everywhere immigrants have enriched and strengthened the fabric of American life,” was the words of former American president, John F. Kennedy (American Immigration: Quotes about Immigration). Immigrants have been in America for many years now. Today many people have different opinions about whether immigrants should be allowed into America freely, or if there should be more harsh regulations to those coming into the country. After September 11, people have been afraid, or scared of foreigners coming to America. “Today a wide-open door is an invitation to national disaster,” was said by FAIR (American Immigration: Quotes about Immigration). I believe this quote is very wrong. People come to our country to find a better place to live, and have a family. They come here for the opportunities, the jobs, and for the pleasures of all the freedom America has to offer. I believe immigrants should freely be able to come into America.
     One reason why immigration should be allowed freely into our country all started a long time ago. As early as the 1600’s when Americans were using Africans as slaves, the Americans brought these Africans over to America for their own benefits (American Immigration: Assimilation? If so, to What Degree?). As soon as these Africans came to America their title from Africans changed to African-Americans. This means that they are in fact American. After slavery stopped in later years, the now African-Americans had the chance to go back to their homelands, but refused to (American Immigration: Assimilation? If so, to What Degree?). They were so used to being around their American masters that, they now knew how to speak English. This helped them live strong in America, because they already had an advantage over most other immigrant, because they were fluent in their home language, and the American language (American Immigration: Assimilation? If so, to What Degree?). This is good because, immigrants have brought so many other languages into America that it causes us to expand our knowledge and learn other languages. Chinese immigrants were getting paid as little as nine hundred dollars a month, while working a eleven hour workday (American Immigration: Assimilation? If so, to What Degree?). But for Chinese immigrants our country is still offering better opportunities to the immigrants then their native country of China; where there are about 50 million unemployed people according to Chinas’ statistics (American Immigration: Assimilation? If so, to What Degree?). So, our country is offering way more opportunities then others. Immigrants are coming to this country to have it better.
     There are many reasons on why immigrants come here to America. Many immigrants come to America for political freedom. They come here to enjoy the feeling of the Amendments that our country has. They want to have the freedom of...

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