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Americans: Who Are We? Freedom? Libery? Pride? Or Power Hungry?

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Americans: Who are we?Americans, who are we? Many people quote America as "Freedom, Liberty, and Pride" But, is that what we Americans are really about? Yes, the United States of America is a free country for anyone and everyone, no matter what background, race, or religion but many people in other countries think of us as slobs, laidback, and power hungry. Others disagreeing saying that we work hard to get where were at right now and we are just spreading the freedom around. I believe that sometimes we Americans can be at times power hungry, but definitely not laidback. Each and every one of us work hard and we must work hard to live and have a successful shelter living everyday and many people from other countries believe that we do not work as hard as them because we are "rich" to them. But, obviously is not true since each day more and more Americans are looking for a job.My idea of who Americans are is a "Nation as One" because we our one nation always united and communicating together even when we are in the most struggling economical times, we are always together as one nation. As a picture, I brought in a wonderful illustrated drawing of the Statue of Liberty along with the background being the Twin Towers and the American eagle. After September 11, 2001 we were altogether as one nation, never has that ever been seen by Americans until that day. Each and everyone held up the American flag and were for the first time not discussing money or jobs or the stock market or even football, we were in support of fighting back and in support of the lost ones in that terrible day. I also brought in another illustrated drawing of a young boy around the age of five with his dog; the boy was holding a little American flag as well as the dog in his mouth. But the flag wasn't the only thing in the boy's hand, in the other, a gun. To me, this symbolizes the young man and woman who give up their life's or if there lucky just there arms and legs to protect America and Americans everyday. This boy...

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