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Ameritech Essay

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Ameritech help customers and firms to realize their communications' full potential, whether they are directed across the street or around the world. In addition, it is something that they have been doing for over 100 years. Their success depends on people. That is why their team of 66,000 employees is more than just technically qualified. They bring energy and insight into every task that they undertake, whether it is routing a line to facilities or installing new service. No matter what immediate telecommunication needs may be, it can count on dedicated professionals to work with customers to find the solutions that are right for them. Ameritech offer a range of leading-edge communication products and services, including voice, data, videoconferencing and more. Many Ameritech customers trust them because they have experienced the reliability of network offers with over 1,289,000 fiber-optic strand miles and state of the art switching centers.MISSION Their mission is to provide their clients with the most technically communication, computer sound and executive consultants throughout the United States. Ensuring a focus on unparalleled customer service, offering talented individuals at competitive rates within the industry.EXECUTIVE SUMMARY In Today's society there are many companies that are expanding to handle the necessities that people want and need. Ameritech has been one of the elite ones who is currently handling the Midwest. Since the Ameritech merger with SBC, they have become a presence in the top 20 U.S. markets, providing a competitive mix of local, wireless, Internet and high-speed data services to millions of customers. As SBC (Ameritech) continues to grow they are continually having significant problems, which they need to address. One of the current issues that SBC is currently facing is their court case in regards to if they are a monopoly. Their second issue is that they have many customers who are complaining because their installation or repairs are taking exuberant amount of time. In additions, many customers are complaining about their high prices and the automated service line that takes to long to get through. They also are facing major setbacks because of their increases in the number of are codes in a given area, which to prevent that they are requesting to change the ten-digit cumbers to eleven. The solicitations of the people who obtain service from them are having their numbers distributed on a list. Finally the local phone book or the directory assistance still lists the old numbers and customers are receiving unwanted calls. These issues have caused Ameritech to lose a significant amount of money and are making it necessary to be addressed. If SBC chooses not to take the proper measurements in resolving these problems and issues they are taking a chance of loosing a lot of customers to competitors and to cellular phones. In today's' society there are many other options for consumers to think about...

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