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Amish Society Vs. Modern Society Essay

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I decided that I would much rather live in the society we live in today rather than in an Amish society for many reasons. One of the areas that I will be discussing is the education system of the Amish Children. The second area that I will be discussing is the impacts and how important religion is to the Amish. Finally, I also felt that another interesting area of consideration would be the relationship between Amish children, parents, and the community as a whole. As you can see, I have many areas to consider when we look at why we would rather live in the society we live in today than the Amish society.One of the reasons why I would live in today’s society rather than the Amish Society is the education system of the Amish Children. I feel that if I was to live in an Amish society I would not be able to receive the best education possible because the teachers are not certified and the lesson plans are all reflected upon teachings at home. Furthermore, the Amish children learn in one-room schoolhouses with a combination of grade levels, that would not be very appealing and the child would not be able to receive much attention with his/her learning. I also think that since the Amish do not believe education after the eight grade level is necessary the children are only able to learn simple reading and writing and personally I believe that knowledge is power and by remaining ignorant you cannot become very powerful. Although power does come with many responsibilities. In conclusion, I feel that the education system of Amish children would not be suitable for someone who would like to learn and challenge their minds beyond its expectations.Another of the reasons why I would rather live in the society in which I live today than the Amish society is the impacts and how important religion is to the Amish. I feel that the Amish take...

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