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Amish Final Paper

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The term “Amish” was first used when a man by the name Jakob Ammann led a group of people who conformed to his beliefs and objected those of the Swiss brotherhood. This started the sect of Mennonite Christianity known as the Amish. From this point, Mennonite and Amish people began migrating to America. The initial cause for Jakob’s decision to sever ties with the Anabaptist was a lack of discipline within the church. During the eighteenth century, due to religious wars and poverty, the Amish community began to migrate across the continent of America. During the nineteenth century, there was a series of conferences held that brought the Amish leaders together to discuss the future of the Amish people. After several days of these meetings, the more conservative and traditional minded Amish leaders boycotted the conferences. This caused another historical severance in the history of the Amish. This split allowed one to differentiate between the old order Amish (traditional minded) and the new order Amish (progressive minded). From the old order Amish, another order arose known as the Swartzentruber Amish. This group came out of a 1917 split in Holmes County, Ohio. The majority of the Swartzentruber Amish are located in Holmes County and Wayne County. Holmes County is 423.98 square miles and Wayne County is 556.82 square miles. Both of which are located in northeastern central Ohio. These communities have an explicit enculturation process that produces the cultural components that are commonly associated with Amish people. Examples of Amish culture are modest clothing, hairstyles, and even house decor. Their lifestyle is so saturated by religion and discipline that you cannot be Amish without being disciplined and religious. The demographics produced by several groups of Amish people settled in Ohio one can see the enculturation in the results. According to The Journal of Community Health most men and all the women in marry within the Amish culture. Less than two percent of all the Amish have a High school degree, most of them don’t complete an education beyond the eighth grade. Lastly no one in the Amish community divorces there spouse. From these demographics we can see the elders forcing the young Amish children to conform to there culture. Producing a society that believes in monogamous heterosexual marriage, and does not support higher education. Even though the Swatzentruber Amish order is a separate part of the Old Order Amish the share the same language. All of these Amish groups still speak the original dialect of Pennsylvania German also known as Pennsylvania Dutch. The Amish speak a different language because where they originate from and also because of there strict attempts to keep the world around them from having any form of influence on there lifestyle.
The Amish originated in Switzerland and when the Amish leader Jakob Ammann left the Anabaptist fellowship people followed him. Shortly afterward many Mennonite and Amish...

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