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AMND According to AMND people are fools when they are blinded by love. Puck says, "O what fools these mortals be", because they are willing to do anything, even act stupid, to try and win someone's love. Lysander, Hermia, Demetrius, and Helena are caught up in love, making their actions and talk seem foolish to us. Lysander is a fool because even though he gets Hermia in the end, he is blinded by all the risks around him, and asks Hermia to run away from death and elope with him. If she doesn't marry Demetrius, she will be put to death. Theseus says to her, "Upon that day either prepare to die for disobedience to your father's will, Or else to wed Demetrius, as he would," but Hermia does not know which way to take because she truly does not love Demetrius, and wants to be happy. So Lysander gets an idea, on how they can get married. He says, "I have a widow aunt, a dowager of great revenue, and she hath no child; From Athens is her house remote seven leagues." This way they can get away from Athens and get married with his aunt. The ideas of Lysander make him a fool because he is risking Hermia's life, so she can run away with him. Hermia is a fool because she risks her life because her love is making her love is making blind, even though they end up together in the end, these are some foolish acts to go though. If she doesn't marry Demetrius, she is to die. Egeus says," Scornful Lysander, true, he hath my love, and what is mine my love shall render him. And she is mine, and all my right of her I do estate unto Demetrius." So after Lysander and Hermia hear of this, they think of the idea to get married with Lysander's widowed aunt. Hermia says," Tomorrow truly will I meet thee." Therefore, Hermia's agreement with Lysander to run...

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