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Amnesia Of A Dreamer Essay

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An arm suddenly exposed itself with a pistol in its hand, lethal looking and appearing as dangerous as a coiled snake. The person in the fox mask raised the gun and fired off two shots up into the clouds while the deafening sound ricocheted off each wall, seeming to become louder with each pass. Gavin reached his hands up to his ears and tried to stuff as much material he could into the small holes leading to his brain, hoping that it would dampen the sounds enough so he could stop the disorienting feeling. The feeling of passing out and surrendering to all this chaos. Out of the corner of his eye he saw something drop down into the rising water, sending a rather big wave across Gavin’s chest. Any more time idling in this ally and he would soon drown.
“Help me!” he shouted to the fox and reached his hand desperately out towards the person. The fox mask merely stared at him almost as if it was the executioner and Gavin was the poor soul whose head was about to roll.
Thunder exploded above them both. Gavin flinched and hunched down, feeling the brown water rise to his neck. He had to find a dumpster or some ledge so he could hoist himself away from danger, but with the dumpsters hidden under water and no steps on the ground, he wasn’t sure if there was enough time to find a lifeline.
All of a sudden, something huge and bulky moved past Gavin, sending him flailing backwards. He stood frozen as the awkward mass started to float towards him like some beast from a child’s nightmare.
It was a body. And it was bleeding with two gunshots through the chest.
The rain water started to laps against Gavin’s lower lip, making him tilt upwards so it wouldn’t close off his oxygen. The face to the dead body looked young, around twenty years of age, and even though the skin was white and its lips were blue as ice, a small smile still curled up at the lips. “No!” Gavin shouted right before his footing slipped out from under him and his head plunged into the murky liquid. The smell of trash some how registered to him and before he could release the building carbon dioxide from his lungs, everything went black. The brown water started to fade out like a movie screen and the feeling of water faded away. He was left alone, floating in what felt like air, and all he could think about was the ending of this nightmare. He became aware of soft material brushing up against his skin and when his eyes inched open, he was laying on his soft bed with a sweaty head resting comfortably without a pillow.

The light filled the apartment like every other day, shining across the room until it couldn’t reach any more. Dust particles could be seen floating lazily across the suns rays, disappearing and reappearing whenever they left the light. Everything appeared normal like every other day before, but once Gavin slipped on his shirt and walked out of the bathroom with wet dangling hair, something suddenly changed. A look of worry mixed with tiredness was evident on his face while...

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Amnesia of a Dreamer Essay

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Amnesia of a Dreamer Essay

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