Amnesia Of A Dreamer Essay

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The supermarket was an interesting sight to behold, though not many people would stop and observe a supermarket it still had its unique charm. From the outside it appeared like an average supermarket you might see while driving, but once you stepped inside it was like the walls collapsed and you entered a new world. With a minimum of thirty isles, it was jam packed with anything you could possibly want. From vegetables to hygiene, equipment for mechanics to video games, and toothpicks to wooden planks, it was easily to find yourself lost more than once within the store.
Gavin found himself lost at a minimum of five times during his trek to find what he needed, passing lane after lane filled to the brim with overpriced objects. Even thought this was the store he usually shopped from, the people who managed the place decided to play hide and seek with their customers, moving the vegetables over to the far right wall and replacing the empty space with grains. Something very inconvenient if a person was rushed. Gavin shook his head and looked down at his basket. He had two gallons of milk, a few spices to cook with, toothpaste, and a box of sleeping injections for the nights that needed them. Nothing came in simple pills anymore, the boom of technology insisted that injections to the blood stream with a variety of ‘natural’ chemicals could fix any sort of ailment. Faster relief, faster the time between feeling like a druggy to being in great shape.
“That’s it.” He said and turned around form the direction he was heading, and towards the front self checkout counters. With each step on the fake wooden floor, which actually did a surprisingly amount of justice for real wood, Gavin rounded a corner and narrowly missed hitting someone straight on. Time froze for a second when he realized who stood before him. It was almost like fate brought them together once again, but fate was a cheesy worldview and logically it was pure coincidence to block Callie Ferris’s way. Again. “Oh… sorry.” Gavin apologized and stepped out of her way. Callie looked up and her face suddenly faded into disappointment. She had just ran into the blundering, apologizing mindlessly, buffoon from before.
“You, the one who stepped into my way and sent me sprawling onto the wet ground. Yes, wasn’t it just yesterday or two days ago that we met?” she asked Gavin, without skipping a beat. Gavin nodded and returned her remark with something that would in turn put her on the defensive.
“You were the one ridding the bike and I wonder what caused you to not see me? I mean, you could easily have swerved out of the way, saving you the ‘quick shower in the rain’ and me the embarrassment of feeling bad.” He retorted and narrowed his eyes, watching her reaction. It was toying with her frustration, yes, but it seemed to make her stop and pause. Long enough for Gavin to continue, “Before you say anything, or blame me again, I need to ask you one question.”
“Are you the Callie Ferris who...

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