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Amnesty Is A Catalyst For Further Insurgency In Nigeria

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Insurgency has been continuously rising in Nigeria especially since the return of democracy in 1999 taking several forms, under several auspices and for several purported aims. Every form of government activity geared towards putting an end to the insurgency menace has proven abortive as death toll keeps rising. With many killed and lots maimed for life, the government still maintains they are on top of the situation (Mohammed). These acts of terrorism bring suffering and untold hardship on the citizens of the country and it seems endless. Yet the federal government wants to grant amnesty to the terrorists. The amnesty is a gross misuse of public funds which is capable of inciting unthinking ...view middle of the document...

For instance, Asari Dokubo, one of the frontline actors in the militancy saga currently made a statement regarding the next presidential elections on air that if President Goodluck Jonathan - who also hails from the south-south region is not re-elected to power, the militants will take up their arms again (Ukaibe).
Besides, an amnesty programme portrays the military as weak and incapable of providing adequate security for citizens. It shows the inability of the government to check weapon proliferation and to forestall further attacks and insurgent activities, hence looking for a seemingly peaceable way out at the mercy of an insurgent group. This absolutely shows no remorse; offenders have been celebrated and they have suddenly become major stakeholders in politics and are wielding their powers in the way they wish, forgetting that what they enjoy is an amnesty which may otherwise be called pardon (Africa News). This makes my opinion divergent from those who recommend that the amnesty programme should be heavily invested in to end insurgency in Nigeria.
Most convincingly, amnesty should not be granted to criminals especially when it undermines the safety of innocent and unarmed citizens. This exactly is the case with the Boko Haram sect. This group was granted amnesty but refused; rather they presented a long list of unrealistic requests which included immediate cancellation of the western education system in the country (Boko Haram’s). The government’s invitation for a discussion seemed to have given the rebel group a morale boost and their refusal caused high level panic and further insecurity nation-wide as they issued further threats. Nigerians are not allowed to own arms...

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