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One Of The Best Business Plans I Have Ever Writin. "Bts" Buy The Slice Pizza Place. Amazing Business Plan!!!

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Buy The SliceCorner of W. Michigan & HowardKalamazoo, Michigan 49008I. Executive SummaryIn today's society, people are pressed for time. This is especially true for a college student. At this stage in life, one does not want to waste time cooking a meal. They want a meal that tastes good, is quick, and easy to obtain. This is what will help Buy The Slice succeed in the business world. With a location at the corners of Howard St. and W. Michigan Ave. in Kalamazoo, Buy The Slice, will be right on the Western Michigan University campus. This will allow very easy access for our target market of college students. It is in walking distance from the main campus and from dorm rooms for those students who do not have a car. We offer a new dimension in the pizza business. Purchasing pizza by the slice allows our customers to come in and sit down to enjoy a few slices of pizza at a cheap cost. By doing this, our business has eliminated the hassle of carrying a box of left over pizza, the customer does not have to buy more than he or she wants to eat. With a pleased target market we shall compete with the competition and out do them in areas that they do not offer.Purchasing pizza buy the slice is a new venture into the pizza world. With the quick and easy accessibility it will intrigue many consumers to try something new and different. Our owners figure that the lunch period of 11:30p.m.-2p.m., dinner period of 4:30p.m.-6:30p.m., and then a late night period on weekends from 11p.m.-2a.m will be the best money grossing times. As mention previously Buy The Slice gives the customer the chance to only buy a slice at a time so at these hectic time periods, service will be fast. The customer will not have to wait 20 minutes for their pizza to finish cooking. Pizzas will already be cooked ahead of time and will be ready to serve when the customer decides the type of pizza slice they would like.In the start up of a business money is always big problem. The partners in Buy The Slice have inherited a lump sum of $100,000. This sum of money will be put towards thee start up costs to limit the funds that must be barrowed. The operation of the business will depend on our owners because several have had experience in the restaurant business before. One owner has even helped run a pizza shop before which was privately own be an uncle. With this experience our business can prosper in the competitive market.II. Business DescriptionA. Industry OverviewThe goal of our business is to provide our customers, which would mostly consist of WMU students, with slices of pizza that will be cheap and ready to eat when you walk in. Students do not usually have time between their classes to order food and wait for it to be made. So, we will be making pizzas around the clock so they will be available to students whenever they come in.B. Mission StatementIt is our goal at BTS Pizza Buy The Slice to provide our customers with fresh and quick slices of pizza, that students can easily...

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