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Amongst Brand/Marketing Management There Is A Significant Polarization About The Cost Effectiveness Of Using Celebrities In Advertising Communications. Explain.

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In advertising, different creative strategies are used in order to obtain consumer attention and provoke shoppers to purchase or use specific product or service. One of those creative strategies was to commence the use of celebrities in advertising. Companies all over the world have been using celebrities to endorse virtually anything, from food to food chains, from soft and hard drinks to health drinks, from clothes and accessories to cars, and the list goes on and on. Commonly called "testimonials" or "celebrity endorsements", this technique of persuasion says that consumers relate to the person(s) appearing in the ad: If the celebrity / athlete / star use the product, then it must be good, so I will purchase it too.In today's world, the use of celebrity advertising for companies has become a trend. But opinions on the true cost-effectiveness of the use of celebrities have been divided. One party believes that the use of celebrities in their advertisements is the reason why the sales have gone head-spinning up, while the other party sees it as a waste of budget because the true identity of the brand has been lost and swallowed by the celebrity's appearance. To make sure that the results will be positive, the advertisers must have a clear understanding of the "black box" of celebrity endorsements.If the advertiser goes along with the option of using a celebrity, everything must be thought out carefully. It is of big importance to cast the right star for the advertisement. The chosen star must be well-suited for the product and brand he/she is promoting. It has to have some connection to the product; it has to have the knowledge, experience and to be qualified to talk about the product. The person advertising the product must be credible, trustworthy, honest, ethical and believable. The influence of a knowledgeable source will be lessened if audience members think he or she is biased or has underlying personal motives for advocating a position. It must be someone to who people trust, someone who will influence their decision and actually impel them to action. For example, if the product advertised is and oven, then it would be good to use someone like Jamie Oliver to advertise it. Information from a credible source influences beliefs, opinions, attitudes and behavior through a process known as internalization, which occurs when the receiver adopts the opinion of the credible communicator since he or she believes information from the source is accurate. Once the receiver internalizes an opinion or attitude, it becomes integrated into his or her belief system and may be maintained even after the source of the message is forgotten. A highly credible communicator is particularly important when the message recipients have a negative position toward the product, service, company, or issue being promoted, because the credible course is likely to inhibit counter-arguments. Reduced counter-arguments should result in greater message acceptance and...

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