Amphibian Diversity Of Sri Lanka Essay

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Biodiversity degradation are becoming one the worst global environmental catastrophes. Given the status of the world’s biological resources on which so much of human life depends, biodiversity loss is among the world’s most pressing crisis and there is growing global concern on slowing down population declines and extinctions (Wilson 1988; WHO 2005; McKinney et al. 2009; Soberon and Peterson 2009). The current estimation on the extinction rate ranges between 1,000 and 10,000 times higher than the natural rate (Kumar and Khanna 2008). The unsustainable human activities, particularly the exceedingly high rate of land development have resulted drastic population declines of many species reaching critical levels, destruction of crucial habitats, fragmentation of existing habitats, destabilization of ecosystems, loss of ecosystem functions, and alteration of biologically critical ecosystem structure (Bengtsson et al. 2000; Pimm and Raven 2000, Scott and Helfman 2001, Kremen et al. 2008). Climate changes preceded by global warming, environmental pollution, and invasive species are aggravating the global biodiversity crisis furthermore (Lyne et al. 1992; Parmeasa and Yohe 2003, Brooks et al. 2006; Todd et al. 2008).
Interestingly, there is a growing consensus on the importance of biodiversity to support livelihoods and sustainable development. Now it is recognized that threats to biodiversity be mitigated and actions be taken to conserve the extant biodiversity (Leatherwick et al. 2004; Brooks et al. 2006). One of the most critical problem biodiversity conservation is efficient allocation of limited financial, logistics, and intellectual resources among different proposed conservation lands. Therefore, it is essential to develop concepts, principles and tools for the robust and effective site selection for biodiversity conservation (Pressey et al. 1993; Rodrigues et al. 2004). In this process, the decision makers are concerned about economy and efficiency, where they face an...

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