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Amplifier Classes Essay

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Amplifiers come in multiple classes and they are class A, B, AB,C,D,E,F,G,and class H there are also many types of sub classes. They are divided up into different classes because each type of amplifier delivers its power differently, as well as its efficiency. Amplifiers are many types of equipment they are in things like ear buds as well as antennas. Now to dig a little deeper into classes A-D we will go through each class one by one.

Class A amplifiers bias a single active device witch in most cases is a transistor. When you bias a amplifier this means you are limiting an input signal to a specific current. Class A amplifiers work in a linear conduction region during the complete input ...view middle of the document...

When it comes to class D amplifiers input signal gets converted to bigger output pulses. These output pulses are exactly proportional to the input pulses that are happening instantaneously. The output signal is generally ten times higher than the highest frequency in the input signal. Since the class D amp uses pulses it has many harmonics with it. Most of the time this is removed by a low pass filter, then amplified once again. Class D amps use something called pulse density modulation this is just a more advanced form of modulation. You can control a class D amplifier with either an analog or digital circuit. If you chose to use a digital circuit you will then introduce a new type of distortion called quantization error and this happens when the input signal is converted to a digital value. The biggest advantage to using class D amplifiers is that their very efficient. This is because of the output pulses they are set to a fixed amplitude. Most elements used in class D amplifiers are either vacuum tubes or bipolar transistors and they are either all the way on or all the way off. Class D amplifiers are used a lot in the professional audio world. At first they were used to control electric motors, but now with a little extra circuitry they can be used to power many types of audio equipment. One example of a class D amp in the professional world in the yamaha IPA 8200.

So in pro/con revision Class A amps are good for things like their accuracy and when they are overdriven it is a nice overdriven sound we enjoy. They are not so good when you have to replace tubes and if you have a solid state amp they will eat up your electricity bill. They are also usually big, fragile and heavy. In most cases they...

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