Amsisu Sports Day Essay

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A poster is a piece of paper used to convey information using texts and pictures (Wikipedia). It can be seen mostly along highways and side of buildings. Its purpose mainly about to promote product or event and some people may see it as one kind of artwork.
For assignment 5, I have decided to design a poster based on my previous assignment 4, which is exploring a campus organization. For assignment 4, I chose Association of Malaysian Student at Iowa State University (AMSISU) to be my subject. In the paper, I have raised some issue about AMSISU’s failure to achieve its ultimate mission, which is to bring all Malaysians into one community. In the paper also, I came out with a solution; I suggest to the AMSISU to create an event that can involve every Malaysians.
I noticed that AMSISU has an annual event that has a very high potential to help it solving its problem in uniting everyone. The event is AMSISU Sports Day. From ...view middle of the document...

I sorted my information into a number of chunks to make sure my poster looks neat. For the dimension, I have my focal point at the center of the poster by putting the main image and the title at the center. I also used light background and black bolded words to make sure my information can be read clearly. For the color, I used mostly black and white and some basic colors such as red, yellow, and blue. I do not prefer to put too much color because I think that will make my poster looks unorganized.
For the typeface, I used different kind of fonts to distinguish between the title and the details. I used Brush Script Std size 66 for the title and Berlin Sans FB Demi size 18 and Calibri (Body) size 18 for the details. For all the fonts, I used simple font because I want my audience to read my poster clearly. I vary my text size to distinguish different levels of information; the biggest one is the title, and the smallest one is the details. Also, I highlighted my words by using red and white to make the words more appealing.
I have also included some pictures to make my poster more interesting. For the main image at the center, I used my own soccer team. I edited the picture by putting black and white and increasing the light intensity so the words on it can be easier to read. As I have chosen athletic as the theme for my poster, I knew my soccer team’s picture works best. Also, I included one picture of butterfly which has Malaysia’s flag colors, which are blue, yellow, red, and white. Butterfly is one of the most significant animal among Malaysians so that is why I put it in my poster. I took pictures of Education Malaysia and AMSISU from their Facebook page to indicate that the sponsor and organizer respectively.
After all, I think this is the assignment that I love the most because I really learn something new here. I never thought that I can design a poster. Definitely, this poster is not going to be a waste. I intend to forward this design to the AMSISU so maybe they can consider this design for their next poster because we have AMSISU Sports Day for real. Hopefully, this poster can help AMSISU in promoting their event and next achieving its mission to bring all Malaysians into one community.

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