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Is the NCAA a Nonprofit or a Modern Day Anti-Hero?

The NCAA is a nonprofit organization that is a member based organization designed to help its student athletes on as well as off the field. The NCAA is an organization that is supposed to have the best interest in mind of that of its young collegiate student athletes. The NCAA possess a branch known as the “sport science institute” (“The NCAA Budget”, 2013) to keep athletes healthy and safe so that they may be able to produce in their perspective sports at a high level. The NCAA also has “year-round drug testing that helps protect student-athletes and ensure fair play, and grants promoting health and safety research as well as the prevention of alcohol and drug abuse on college campuses.” (“The NCAA Budget”, 2013) The NCAA is pretty strict with certain rules it has on universities in relations to its athletes and this is considered to be in the best interest of their athletes. The NCAA even gave schools permission to provide athletes with as many meals as they want and see fit outside of their scholarship produced meal plan (Johnson & Student Nation, 2014). If the NCAA is always looking out for their athletes and is a non-profit organization and has its own branch of “sports science institute” that is “committed to safety and health of athletes” (“The NCAA Budget”, 2013) how can such organization be considered an anti-hero?
The definition of an anti-hero is one that has noble intentions for something but goes about carrying out intentions ultimately in an unjust way. An anti-hero is one that possess great outstanding wonderful characteristics as well as possess a great deal of flaws as well. How can we see the NCAA a non-profit organization one to be just that an anti-hero when often time’s anti-heroes are overshadowed by their negative characteristics or flaws. Although anti- heroes are ones to still be liked and known to have great outstanding qualities, anti-heroes are still exposed due to their flaws and the NCAA is just that. One of these flaws being that for the NCAA to be a non-profit organization; how are they still making billions of dollars off of collegiate “amateur” or nonprofessional sports?
The way the NCAA is doing so is mainly through TV markets, contracts through TV networks, championships, conference play, bowl games, tournaments, ticket sales from these NCAA hosted event such as tournaments, jersey sales, school sport paraphernalia, etc. (Edelman, 2014) Therefor, the NCAA is indirectly profiting and benefiting through the talents of college athletes in exchange for free education as well as room and board. What makes this fine and keeps the NCAA a “non-profit” organization is the mission of the universities apart of the organization and the terms they agreed to. “The NCAA maintains its nonprofit status because it is an association of colleges and universities sharing a common academic mission. Every year, the NCAA and its members equip...

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