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Amthem A Book By Ayn Rand

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In Ayn Ran’s iconic novella, Anthem, the main character Prometheus (Initially named Equality 7-2521) describes how in the society he lives in, there is an absence of something most of us value extremely deeply, family. Not only that, but when the women in the story give birth to children, those children are immediately taken away and the woman will never know the child they gave birth to, and the child will never know their biological parents. For many, this whole concept just seems absolutely wild and completely illogical. However, when one analyses the context of the book, the pieces come together. In this riveting tale, the reality is rather dystopian and everyone is part of a collective of sorts, mirroring that of the communist societies that Ayn Rand lived and was oppressed under.

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With the absence of parents, it is much easier to brainwash another human. This is due to how when parents are around, they influence their children rather heavily; if there are no parents, there would be no close influence to make them think a certain way that is counter to the State’s objectives. Additionally, without parents, the State is made to feel like a sort of family for their “Drones”, which results in a love for the state that is basically forced onto them. Forced statism. The State can then teach its citizens to all be alike, as opposed to the typical parental rhetoric of “Being yourself”, keeping everyone equally weak and the ruling class in place. Furthermore, without parents to tell their kids about past events, there will never be references to the pre-dictatorial eras or pre-communist times that people would hold rather close to their hearts. With the presence of older folk who would know of what it’s like before their qualities of life went south, the youth would easily get angry and try to band together to overthrow their government.

Having no parents means the people never know how to deal with authorities. The State (ab)uses this in order to force the youth into doing whatever they please without objection. Since the youth has no knowledge on how to deal with authority and doesn’t know that they should question it, they follow the supreme leadership unconditionally. Furthermore, the absence of family aids in building the ideology where people believe their ‘collective’ is their family, and that the State itself and all its members are family, aiding the State in pushing sheep mentality to get what they want done. This familial bond between the members of the collective is rather weak, since there are no friendships or brotherhoods really formed. People are given the illusion that they are a united front, when in reality, the State is dividing people even more so. The government or the dictator then capitalizes on the people’s division and they then have infinite power over it’s’ citizens, rendering them absolutely powerless; and may go as far as to making its residents slaves for the Nation.

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