Amtrak Post Disaster Analysis

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Amtrak Revamp The affects of the September 11 terrorist attacks on the United States are visible in all aspects of life. The American lifestyle has been uprooted. The American sense of homeland security has challenged. One of the most drastic changes has been in the American consumer's faith in the airline industry. The attacks of September 11 have changed a trip on a commercial jet plane into a gamble. Americans are weary of security of the airline industry as well as in the nation's airports. The uncertainty of air travel has caused a surge in other forms of travel. Since the attacks of September 11, there has been a clear increase in the number of passengers on Amtrak's rail services.· Around the country ridership is up 8-12% · Ridership is up 25% in the Northeast Corridor alone .In the wake of the attacks Amtrak needs to take steps to accommodate the growing number of passengers. These accommodations can be reached by: · More trains · New equipment · High speed rail technology This is outlined in Amtrak's $3.2 billion accelerated funding plan. Half of this proposed funding plan is allotted for this . The plan proposes that implementing all of these changes would make Amtrak trains not only more reliable and convenient but a viable alternative to flying domestic flights. Trains can never fully offer the speed of a jet but they can provide Americans with the option of the highest speed train possible to get to their destination. In addition to increasing capacity, security must be increased as well. In the midst of the September 11 attacks security is an issue at the forefront of all American's minds. Amtrak must revamp its security procedures to make both its trains and its stations safe for Americans. This can be achieved by: · Verifying tickets with photo identification · Scanning all checked baggage · Increasing police presence · Search and seizure of all unattended luggage · Ban on train ticket purchasing in all regions · Install...

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