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Amusing Ourselves To Death: Short Essays

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I think what he means is we are so caught up in technology that we do not have time to do what we want. When was the last time that any one of us has gone and done a new hobby without technology? We are so stuck in keeping up on the latest thing that we are not seeing what is really important. It is a problem because soon people will be so dependent on technology doing things for them that they will not know how to do it themselves. For example, arts and crafts, learning how to play a piano, or making new recipes, etc. is what is so fun about taking a break from technology because you can learn these activities and enjoy doing it. I would have to say the person who is putting the commercial, show, or podcast together is the person responsible. It is their organizing that will make the viewer understand the information or not. It is their job to get the information across to us.

If people started selling information as a want or need there could be a lot of broke people. A major issue is how valuable is that information? Are people willing to pay a lot for what they want to know? Or, what if you need it and it is a major cost? Secondly, how can you be sure that the information you are buying is 100% true?

This kind of goes back to the first question. People are too stuck on technology that they do not stop and take a look around them. They are not noticing the big picture, they are not noticing what they were put on Earth to do, not only for themselves, but for others as well. It could be a problem because we could have a bunch of selfish robots walking around. People will just be going about their day without stepping out of the box and do something they have never done before or something they have never done for someone before.

For me, I watch between seven and nine hours a week of TV and I am not even full...

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