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Amy Bishop was born on February 4, 1968 (Dunlop, 2010), to Sam Bishop and Judy Bishop. They lived in Iowa City where her father worked on his graduate art work at the University of Iowa. Bishop was a bright and empathetic girl who loved to play with her toys. The family eventually moved to Massachusetts where her father got a teaching job. They settled in Braintree in 1968 and Seth was born later in the year (Keefe, 2013). Amy was an asthmatic and she was sent to the emergency room often which is what led her to her passion of science. In school Bishop played the violin and her brother asked if he could play also. The two of them seemed to have a sibling rivalry and Amy was very ...view middle of the document...

However, Amy somehow shot her brother in the chest; he died instantly (Hawkins, 2010).
Afterwards, Amy ran from her home, she later told police that she thought she had dropped the gun after she ran out of the house, but witnesses claimed that she was carrying the 12-gauge shotgun when she reached Dave Dinger Ford dealership and according to the witnesses Bishop aimed and pointed the gun at Tom Pettigrew and Jeff Doyle. Police soon caught up with her where she refused to drop her gun when they ordered her to. The police quickly ruled Seth’s death was accidental. Rumors seemed to be spreading after Seth’s death that suggested the state and local officials may have intervened to make things easier for Amy Bishop and her family, some speculate that the reason was because Amy’s mother had political connections (Hawkins, 2010).
Bishop’s family spent another ten years in Braintree. Bishop took some time off from her studies, she returned in 1988 where she received her Bachelor’s Degree in Science. Bishop and her husband were married the following year and held their wedding in the same location where Seth’s funeral was held. Afterwards in 1993 she enrolled in a graduate program at Harvard University where she earned a Ph. D in genetics. She then spent the next nine years in various fellowships and instructions positions at Harvard Medical School, etc… Later she and her husband moved to Ipswich, Massachusetts and had four children (Hawkins, 2010).
Another incident that occurred with Bishop involved was on December 19, 1994, Dr. Paul Rosenburg and his wife returned home to Newton, Massachusetts after a Caribbean vacation, Dr. Rosenburg started opening up a stack of mail when he saw “two cylinders wired to a 9-volt battery in one of the packages,” he and his wife ran to a neighbor, and called the police. When the police arrive they identified the package as a pipe bomb which had failed to detonate. Dr. Rosenburg had recently suggested that Amy might not be up to rigors with the job working at the Children’s Hospital Boston’s neurobiology lab. He suggested that she might be mentally unstable and that her fellow coworkers feared that she might become violent. In April 1995, investigators tried talking to the Bishop’s but they refused to let them in so the investigators had to break a window. Once inside investigators found items that resembled components used to make a pipe bomb, including a “common epoxy,” but lab tests failed to tie the items to the pipe bomb. The United States Postal Service officials declared the unsolved case closed after the investigation hit a dead end (Hawkins, 2010).
But, despite all the other suspicions of her past, Bishop’s criminal record would only reveal that she was involved in an assault and battery charge at a pancake house. In 2002 Bishop got into a fight when her and her family stopped to eat at the International House of Pancakes, when another woman took the last high chair available and Bishop became very...

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