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Amy Carmichael Essay

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Amy Beatrice Carmichael is an amazing example of someone who gave their all for the Lord. She did things that no one else could or would do. She showed Christ to some of the important little world, children. Amy grew up, lived an amazing life, and went to be with her Lord.
Amy Carmichael was born on December 16, 1867 in Millisle, Northern Island into a Christian home. She was born the first of six siblings, Amy, Norman, Ernest, Eva, Ethel, Walter, and Alfred. The family was not sentimental at all in their love, but the children knew exactly what was right. In their eyes, right was right, and wrong was wrong. They knew that their parent's word was law. They also knew that if they ...view middle of the document...

Hadn't answered her at all;
Never more
Could she pray; her eyes were brown
As before.
Did a little soft wind blow?
Came a whisper soft and low,
'Jesus answered. He said, No;
Isn't No an answer?'”1

As Amy Carmichael grew up, she began ministering to the mill girls in her town and over the course of her life went to be a missionary overseas. The mill girls had next to nothing. Amy started helping them out with ways to earn money. She also started a boy's Bible study and a girl's prayer meeting. Soon the ministry grew so large that they could not possibly meet without a building. Amy and her girls prayed for the money, and God provided the money for them to rent the property and erect a building. Tragedy struck not long before Amy turned twenty. Her family lost their money. Because of the tragedy, Amy's family moved to England. Shortly after they moved, Amy was asked to start a work with the girls there. Amy worked hard ministering to the girls in England. One day she heard God voice telling her to “Go Ye,” but she had a hard time answering the call. She wanted to stay with her mom and with a family friend whom they affectionately called D.O.M (Dear Old Man), but after talking to them she knew that she had to go minister for Christ. She made plans to follow God to Ceylon (Sri Lanka.) Ceylon soon left her mind, and China soon entered. She made plans to go. Those plans did not work out either. Little did she know that if she would have gone she would have been murdered with the rest of the group that was there. Japan entered her thoughts next. On Friday, April 14, she arrived at Shanghai. From there they traveled to Japan. She ministered to the Japanese till she got so sick that she had to move to a different climate. Amy moved to Shanghai so see if that would help her get well. It started to help her feel rested, but as soon as she was feeling better, she caught a chill. ...

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