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“She’s a Monster” or “Tiger Mother”, nicknames given to the Yale Law School professor and book writer Amy Chua. Chua was bestowed these nicknames in response to the strict disciple that she applies on her children. Her book The Battle Hymn of the Tiger Mother, gained the attention of the public due to the outrageous stories written inside. These stories in her book caused quite a commotion due to her unorthodox ways in raising her children. In the book,Chua listed a few things that her daughters, Sophia and Louisa were not allowed to do. Her daughters were not allowed to “attend sleepovers, have a playdate, be in a school play , watch TV or play computer games”. These things that Chua never allowed her daughters to do, was her response to the mystery on how “[Asian] parents raise such…successful kids.” Chua’s methods in raising her children has become a source of intimidation and threat to the American parenting style.

Many are against Chua’s strict discipline in order to again academic success. American Parents or as Chua refers to as Western parents, lack the ability to grasp the importance of hard work to succeed. American parents compared Chinese/Asian parents are to sensitive with providing criticism of their children. American parents as well have very different definitions and limits to what the strict is.

Hard work to western parents is nothing compared to what Asian parents call hard work. As stated before Chua never allowed her children to participate in any sleep overs or play dates because according to David Brooks,author of the article “Amy Chua is a Wimp”, is because its is nowhere as “cognitively demanding” compared to practicing a music piece. Hanna Rossin, writer of the article “Mother Inferior?”, holds the opposite of Chua’s opinion when it comes to playdates and sleep overs. Rossin actually “wishes they would go to more of...

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