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Amzing Essay Of How Human Sexuality Is Used In Marketing

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Sex in AdvertisingThe use of sex in advertising has become a major sellingmethod in the society we live in today. It began sixty years agowhen a beautiful young woman introduced the first windproof lighterand a new wave of advertising emerged - The Pinup Girl. Sheadvertised everything from lighters to laundry soap. She evenrecruited for the U.S. armed forces (Parade Magazine; pg 6).Sexuality in advertising is now a major area of ethical concern,though surprisingly little is known about its effects or the norms forit's use (Baltimore Sun; pg. 1G). Advertisers use of sex appealshas grown and become widely present throughout the U.S. andreally most of the world, but it has never really been clear the linebetween offensive and effective advertising. Over the last coupleof years, commercial content, like programming, has gone througha significant maturing process. Sex has become a driving force.NBC's vice president for advertising standards, Rick Gitter,acknowledged that the 1990's reality can't be denied (BaltimoreSun; pg. 1G).Ann Klein's company's ads are some of the most striking adsthat are carried in the main stream media. They have receivedonly a few negative letters, but they've drawn a huge amount ofattention (Baltimore Sun; pg. 2G). "We wanted the women to say,'Hey,' and we have gotten a fantastic response," there's a fine linebetween doing something new, different and interesting, andangering your customer with offensive commercials that spoil theircommercial intent. An Ann Klein spot that showed a man kissing awoman and beginning to unbutton her shirt, was not allowed to airby wary network censors, recalled company vice president NancyLueck (Baltimore Sun; pg 2G). Calvin Klein, an American clothingmanufacturer that courts the glamorous young, drew great disgraceand shame earlier this year for some particutlarly gamine youth whololled about wearing their underpants in a recent campaign, whichthe network censors also withdrew (The Economist pg. 53)."Sexiness, as a component of the good life, is a staple foradvertisers ; Coca Cola decorated its drug store posters at the turnof the century with beautiful young women whom male drinkersmight hope to date and female drinkers might emulate (TheEconomist pg. 54)." One has only to pick up any issue of a fashionmagazine and page after page is filled with advertisementsattempting to correlate sex and beauty with the purchase of theirproducts.The current flood of sex in advertising is often promoted interms of fulfilling erotic fantasies and appetites (D'Emilio andFreeman, 1989). Consumers want to see more, however the use ofsuch appeals is constantly contested in terms of ethics andmorality, much as sexual norms and morals in general have beencontested throughout both American and world history (TheJournal of Advertising, pg 73). Commercials have become arisque as standards loosen. Networks, in an effort to compete withcable television, have relaxed thier censorship standards.Advertising standards have...

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