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Profile Prejudice
As the strains of Hilltop Hoods’ “The Nosebleed Section” played in the background, Allambee turned onto a main road and his four-wheel drive’s headlights shone onto a blinding white sign. His mates, drunk and disorderly, sprawled across the side of the road directly over from the pub. Allambee heaved all three of them into the back seat of the Jeep, clicked the seat belts into place and moved away from the sound of acoustic guitars and country singers. Through the rear view mirror, Allambee spotted an unusual coloured Toyota trying to ride in what normally would be his blind spot. Lights on, the car shadowed him for a while. As Allambee turned a sharp corner, the strange vehicle stood out as it turned only seconds later. The cop car followed at a discrete distance, one, two, three, left turns and then a right. Finally on his heels. The interior of the car lit up with white light and black shadows cast over the windows. The bright headlights from behind even caused his intoxicated mates to sit up and wonder what was going on through their bloodshot eyes and befuddled brains. The fluorescent red light up ahead made the brakes screech and the seatbelts lock. Allambee crept up to the line and noticed a second police car rolling up beside him in his side view mirror.
As Allambee navigated through the intersection, he crossed over to a servo opposite to a huge dark green warehouse and an empty car park. Both vehicles followed Allambee and the lights started to flicker. Sirens started blaring so ear-deafeningly loud that he could swear the people of China could hear the bells going off. He looked over his shoulder, trying to decide whether to get out or not; Allambee had been pulled over plenty of times before but this wasn’t his car. This time he felt uneasy, something was wrong. Thoughts of several scenarios ran through his head as he wound the window down, put the car into neutral, and turned off the engine.
An officer walked towards the car and said “Please step out of the vehicle!”

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