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An Abandoned Building. Essay

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An Abandoned BuildingA blanket of darkness had descended on Blackwood Estate. The sky changed from pale pink to purple and then to grey washes. I looked at the sky, it was full of dark clouds heralding the coming of a storm. "Oops" I gulped. "Hey guys, want to walk to Hill street instead of Gambir street, it's a short-cut! Maybe we can reach home before it rain." I asked. Mike had no objections and agreed readily. "What?! Walk past that cemetery? Over my dead body!" Cindy yelled. I groaned, "Come on! Do you want the rain to spoil your new hairstyle?" I said, urging her. "Okay," she answered reluctantly.The trees grew thicker along the sides of the deserted road. Chilly wind caressed my cheeks and many of my goose bumps burst. Hill street was a long way of dilapidated houses that ran past the side entrance of the cemetery. Wind thrashed in the treetops and the clouds burst. A torrential rain lashed down. "Lets find a shelter first. Now, look at the sky. It's raining cats and dogs, we would be drenched soon!" Mike said hastily. "Fine!""Look! There is a building there! Lets grab a shelter there!" I yelled. We immediately dashed into the building. It was huge, five stories tall with a black roof.The building was eerie and empty. "Look at the cobwebs, it seemed like nobody had lived here for a long time but why were the lights switched on?" Mike asked. "Weird," I answered, feeling a bit frightened. We checked out the ground floor. The walls were of grey stone, no two of the same size and shape, arranged somehow, one upon another so as to fit together like a jigsaw puzzle.I had a strange kind of feeling that I could not express out. The building seemed haunted. "We will leave here as soon as the rain stop, lets not make too much noise." I warned them. "Something wrong,Cassie?" Mike asked with concern. "The expression on your face seemed kind of weird," he said. "Can't you feel it guys? There something about this place-something-" I said in fear. I knew the word, which I had been searching. The word was 'evil'.It's boring here!" Cindy said suddenly. "Lets test our bravery by going up to the second to take a look." "Cindy please," I moaned. "Scared so easily?" Cindy sneered. "" I retorted and shot her a look. I led the way and the two so-called 'brave' guys followed me close behind, tugging my shirt along. The place was full of dust and it made the building more sinister and frightening. We walked across the dark hall and I felt a penetrating chill like something was waiting to appear around the corner. Disgusting little insects and rats scampered across us and made us felt retched. I was praying that the rain would stop and we could get out of here as soon as possible. Unfortunately, the rain continued unabated.Out of the blue, we heard somebody scream. Somewhere in one of the locked rooms, we gasped and squeezed each other's hands. We realised that we...

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