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An Abstract Account Of A Perfect Republic According To My Mind As A Piece For Creative Writing

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My republic of conscience would be on a remote island, isolatedin every aspect apart from atmospherically and through the water. This isto symbolise the almost perfection. It would not be perfect becausenothing is, it is just cloaked by perfection. When I get there, therewould be many animals about, being treated equally to humans. There wouldbe noise from the hustle and bustle of all the people and animals. Therewould be no need to go through any complicated systems to get out of theairport, as you would just step through a doorway that scans you. If youwant, you can get help but you can also go straight through.There are taxis, but as phones are illegal, it is hard to getone. Some desperate ...view middle of the document...

If you want tospecialise in a certain area then you can. You must choose a subject thatuses a currency that buys useful things. The most useful things are boughtwith currency earned from the more undesirable jobs. Also jobs that aredirectly benefiting to other people such as educational and medical andhighly paid. All substances are legal, as people are allowed to dowhatever they want to do to each other.There is enough love taught at childhood that no murders arecommitted. Guns are illegal. This is fitting, as one of the symbols ontheir flag of symbols is a gun with a line through it. The other 3 includeno addictive substances, no stealing and no violence. These symbols arenot the law but everyone abides to them.The 2 things that are not perfect about this place, is that thereis often lots of rubbish, oil, dangerous chemicals and dead animals washedup along the shore line. Also sometimes there are large clouds of smog.These are both from the rest of the world. The births and deaths are bothshown with the same feelings. They are both celebratory. Titanium is theirmost precious material because it is very useful but is also rare. Theelections are similar to normal democratic elections, apart from the factthat if a leader promises something in his or her manifesto, they must doit. If they do not they will be banned from all following elections. Thereare elections every 2 years.Every part of the land is considered to be from the ancient gods,who decomposed into the land with all its products that are now there.Because of this none of the land is treated badly or exploited.

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