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A Collection Of Shorts Essay

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It was deathly quiet. The grey, barren walls carried no shadows, no signs of life, no glimpses of the worlds contained in hearts unseen. Through large rooms and wide halls, there was nothing. A mouse skittered through a tiny hole in the wall, because finally, there was a sound. Giggling emerged from cupboard in the upstairs room."Ready or not, here I come!"A little girl, no more than five, burst through the cupboard doors, delightful fear tingling down her spine at playing such a familiar game in such an unknown enviroment. She searched, and listened, and there was still only her."Ok, I give up, where are you!"Silence."Hello?"Silence."Stop being funny, I can't find you!"Silence."Ok, I'm leaving! Bye!"The girl trotted down the stairs, and pushed open the door she thought led outside.His cold eyes stared into hers, and for a few, brief moments, there was silence. Time blurred, and there was only them, looking at each other. The girl saw it, the world of pain and fear contained within that bitter heart. He saw only death. She screamed, and then she lay there, and there was silence. A stream of red trickled away from her, past the doorway, and beneath his feet.The death of hope.-------------------------------------------------Note: This is a true story. Everything in this story actually happened. Some minor details may have been altered for dramatization. The names of the people involved have been altered to protect their privacy.Keithers set his bike down carefully, and Brockers quickly followed suit. Quietly, they crept into a forest of tall grass, and stopped behind a tiny tree. A head rose above the level of the grass, followed by another. Light streamed out of the building that lay directly ahead, sending its rays glittering onto the steel pipes that were scattered in the gravel lot. The enormous opening to the factory revealed a very suspicious looking object. It was like a fan, made of white metal, blooming outwards high above the ground. A clanging echoed from within the factory. It was not empty."Why are there people there at 10:00 PM?" Keithers whispered. Brockers just shrugged. "Let's get closer."The two boys snuck through the grass. There was an eerie silence, broken only by the rythmic clanging from within. Keithers slapped at a misquito, a wasted effort, considering the many that were surrounding him. They reached a small hill, just at the border of the gravel."Ok, the escape plan is, if we get seen, get to this hill, and then go for our bikes as fast as possible. Got it?"Keithers glanced around, and saw the stack of pipes that lay on the ground directly ahead of him. He moved, cautiously, out of the tall grass, into the open. There was no movement from within the building, just the clanging that signaled life. He dashed forward, dove, and rolled behind the cover of the pipes. He signaled to Brockers, and was quickly joined by him.Keithers poked his head just above the level of the pipes. It was impossible to see anything clearly,...

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