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A Marketing Analysis (International And Domestic) Regarding A Wooden Furniture In Pakistan.

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Table of ContentsMarketing Description3Market Analysis Outline3Market Information4International Market4World Export of Wooden Furniture in USD (from 1996-02)4Major Importing Countries of Wooden Furniture in 20015Major Exporting Countries of Wooden Furniture5Pakistan Trading Partners6Domestic Market6Potential Market7Marketing DescriptionWithin this report we shall give a detailed marketing analysis concerning a "Wooden Furniture Manufacturing Unit" set up project situated in Pakistan. The "Wooden Furniture Manufacturing Unit" will cater the needs of the domestic market. The researches have proved a strong competition that lies inside the international and domestic market.Market Analysis OutlineThe demand for wooden furniture is constantly increasing in the domestic market as well as in the international market due to its traditional appeal and durability.Domestic MarketIn Pakistan furniture is given as a dowry, which forms a major portion of sales of the wooden furniture. As an outcome, the demands for household furniture increases substantially during winter and spring breaks due to weddings.As according to the National Housing Policy 2001, the predicted that the house construction was to be raised by 500,000 houses per annum.International MarketIn the international market, demand for wooden furniture is increasing for its unique style, aristocratic and elegant appearance. Due to that the demand is increasing gradually at an annual average rate of 4 percent. Pakistan's export of wooden furniture has increased by more than 130 percent over the period 1996-2001.Fig 1.1; Wooden Furniture Export from PakistanThough Pakistan's share in the international market does not seem convincing, but its exports of wooden furniture are increasing rapidly. In The year 2002-2003 Pakistan's exports wooden furniture has increased 34.33 percent due to appealing designs, craftsmanship and quality of wooden furniture manufactured in Pakistan.Market InformationInternational MarketIn the international market, the wooden furniture is concentrated in countries like USA, Germany, France and Italy. Each country has a domestic market of more than USD 10 million. The USA is the world's largest wooden furniture market.In 1999, Share of USA was 31.21 percent of the total world imports.World Export of Wooden Furniture in USD (from 1996-02)Fig 1.2; World Export - Wooden Furniture in USD (Millions)Since 1995-20 the total World Export of wooden furniture has increased by 21.3 percent. The World Export market is growing at an annual rate of 4 percent.The following graph shows the world's major importing countries of wooden furniture.Major Importing Countries of Wooden Furniture in 2001Fig 1.3; Major Importing Countries of Wooden Furniture in 2001Bedroom furniture takes a large segment of the major importing countries. It consists of 19% of the total exports of the wooden...

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