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A Marketing Plan For Marketing A U.S. Product In A Foriegn Country. Swiffer/Mexico

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Since the introduction of the North American Free Trade Agreement in 1994, trade between the United States and Mexico has grown an average of 11 percent a year ( It would be beneficial for a company to decide to market a new product in Mexico over other countries. The benefits are many because of the easy access to the country and the vast knowledge of Mexico.One product in particular that would be easily marketed in Mexico is Swiffer. Mexico, just like any other country, needs cleaning materials. Also, Mexico has just as many conveniences as the United States. Therefore, Swiffer would add to the convenience style of cleaning that so many people in North America enjoy.Mexico is not an uneducated country. As a matter of fact education is required for ages 6-18 including one year of preschool. Education has become one of Mexico's highest priorities. The literacy rate in Mexico is between 89.4- 92.2%. All of these factors reduce to easy marketing for Mexicans ( and The marketing mix will be as follows:Product: Swiffer. Including all of the products in this line; Swiffer Dry, Swiffer Wet, Swiffer Dusters, Swiffer Max and Swiffer WetJet ( $5.50-$12.00 USD or 64.693-141.149 MXN. Furthermore, the product will have seasonal pricing along with bundling. For example, near Christmas the SwifferSweeper would be bundled together with a Swiffer duster for a lower cost than the two purchased separately. Retailers would receive a volume discount of 15% and wholesalers could receive a additional discount for volume purchases and warehousing.Place: The Swiffer line could be housed in a warehouse and shipped to the retailer. However, to cut back on the warehousing cost, retailers who ordered enough Swiffers for one or more seasons could get them at a substantial savings.Promotion: Swiffer will begin promoting the product approximately three weeks before the product is available in stores. This will create a buzz and have the shopper on alert for the product. Furthermore, the consumer will feel familiar with the product, as if they know Swiffer and how it works. Swiffer will also be promoted at the stores with in store coupons. Swiffer will also offer introductory specials, such as starter kits which will include the cloths and the Swiffer itself and cleaner if necessary ( it is true that there are other makers of dusters and floor cleaners, the competitive advantage is that Swiffer will be the first to arrive and as with the U.S. when one thinks of a floor duster the name they will think of is Swiffer.Ads for Swiffer will be placed in Mexican magazines and newspapers. Swiffer can use the television media to promote its products. In...

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