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An Affair To Remember Essay

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An Affair to Remember

Their romance began with “The Train Journey”, that beautiful wartime film about the consequences of forbidden love. The cinema was a tad unclean; some of the seats were soiled and the screen curtain was torn in places. These faded red and ripped curtains parted before Sebastian K. Day’s eyes, as if he were Moses, and they were the Red Sea. When the screen was fully exposed, the film began. The screen flickered the way old films of this time tend to do so, but when one is watching a first-rate film – so-called “reality” hastily retracts its claws and retreats. One’s self is focused upon the unfolding cinematic experience. The radio tower on top of the world spoke to us in Morse-code. The action of the film cuts between the slow, repressed amble of a suave, sophisticated gentleman, around a railway station, with one those refined and genteel accents that appears in films of this time, and a woman frantically running through the foggy streets in pursuit of an unattainable goal – her, societally forbidden lover, the gentleman in the restroom. He drains his cup of tea, as the voice of the Noël Cowardesque announcer called out down the platform “The train for -, - and – is now arriving at Platform 3.” He, the gentleman, hearing this announcement, which after all was intended for his ears, and his alone, drains his cup again (an obvious, but, due to the high emotive tension of the film, often overlooked continuity error), grabs his mackintosh and fedora and leaves the restroom. She reaches the station, rounding the corner, out of breath, heavily panting, bosom heaving, as if her heart were trying to reach out to him, battling against the confines of her cavity, as his train begins to leave, first slowly, then faster, as it begins to gain momentum – speeding him out of her life forever. Emotion flickers across her lips, as she slowly and dejectedly walks towards the now empty seats. She collapses in a heap of misery, dirtying her pearly white dress, too stunned to cry, whilst ignoring the inquisitive and invasive looks and glances of the prying prim and proper passers-by – they showing their condemnation and contempt of what they believe to be improper, un-Christian and un-British. She picks her broken frame and broken heart up from the floor. A black, stray dog wanders next to Anna, the heroine, for that was her name, seeing this dark and depressing beast, she stood up, fully, and waited for the boat train. The last image of the film is of one, single incomprehensibly emotion filled tear, tricking down her cheek, and as always happened at this exact point, the same tear trickled down the cheek of Sebastian Day.
Sebastian stood up to leave. He flung his coat over his shoulder and turned to go. What stopped him was the sight of the most beautiful women he had ever laid eyes on. She was simply Exquisite, with a Capital ‘E’. He realised that she was crying – soundless tears gushing down her face, smudging her beautifully made-up...

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