An Age Of Unrest Essay

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An Age of Unrest

“Bang! Bang! Boom!” were a few of the agonizing sounds heard many times during the decade where firearms and explosions were used to express a national idea in an attempt to further a political cause. Within the decade of 1910-1920, many thought that national pride and respect could be gained through harming others, hurting another country’s feelings by taking away their “self-respect,” and by vanishing the lives of many. Political statements were protested and emphasized by the scientific, historical, artistic, and lyrical contents of this era. Sadly, many influenced their ideas by committing actions the cycled into many tragic events; events that led to a decade of chaos and unrest, a decade that couldn’t sleep.
The Great War as it was called, lead to many innovations in many areas. But one area has continued to lend us innovations that were derived some eighty-four years ago. The development in science and technology became quick necessities that, at the time, were needed not only to control the chaos but protect those who were innocent. Although many advancements between 1914 and 1918 we still use today, there are two that have proven to be as important today as they were during the chaotic day of the second decade of the twentieth century.
Imagine the British citizens watching large chaos covered prototypes of the ‘tank” being tested in Britain’s countryside. British officials, in order to conceal their use, told many who asked that new “tanks” were being built to carry water across the desert and named them W.C. or water carrier. The initials for this stood for the toilet and so the name water tank or tank was born (Uschon 31). In 1915 when Britain built the first tank the French were not far behind in developing their own tanks for the battlefield (Asimov 98). Winston Churchill was responsible for initiating the development of such large vehicles (The New Illustrated Science and Invention Encyclopedia 60). The need for tanks came when machine guns and trenches caused a stale mate war fare. Armored cars were already in use. Military heads realized that by crossing an armored car with the agricultural tracks used in farming, a vehicle that could enter enemy space and be protected could be developed. The first tank to enter the war was of British origin and was known as the Centipede, but later called the Big Willie or Mother. It made its debut in Fille and took a crew to operate it. A coordinator commander, one to change the main gears, and at least two, called gearsmen, to control the tracks. By the end of the war Britain had twenty-six hundred tanks who were up against France’s three thousand seventy of a lighter use. Still, protection in the field wasn’t the only kind needed. During 1910 and 1915 two large ocean liners carrying passengers, many Americans, were sunk by an accident in the name of war. A detecting device was needed for the vast ocean to scan any under water dangers. And what...

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