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An Ally To The World Essay

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How did North Korea become the cruel country that scorches both surrounding and distant nations with its sternly severe socialist flame? Subjugated by Japan in 1910, North Korea was mercilessly enslaved for thirty-five years. Due to Japan's defeat in World War II in 1945, the United States occupied the southern region of the Korean Peninsula while Soviet troops seized the north. As a result communism spread like weeds. Sadly, North Korea's government, military, and economy were all by shaped by the leftist views suppressed on them. The root of the problem was Kim Il-Sung, the first premier of the Democratic People's Republic of Korea. At the urging of the United States, the United ...view middle of the document...

2 million people, or about 4 percent of the population” (Sonneborn 68-69). [4] Serving in the army, “one in five of all Korean men age 17 to 54 are active soldiers” (Gifford 4). Both men and women are obliged to serve a minimum of three to four years in the military. [2] With “more than seven million additional North the army reserves,” North Korea's military is an acute fighting force. Indefinitely these reserves reside in militia groups stationed in diminutive municipalities until they are called to duty. [6] They rarely wield weapons. [5] While North Korea heartily finances and aggrandizes their army, the nation has also invested modestly in an air force and navy. Making other armies appear to be mediocre and pitiable when compared, the North Korean military certainly excels most of the world's armed forces.
[2] Despite the forecasts of many doomsayers, North Korea has fared well with its self-sufficient economy. In the aftermath of the Korean War, both North and South Korea were brutally scarred by the atrocious and calamitous battles that had occurred. Each countries' economies required total rebuilding because both were crushed by wartime expenses. [1] North Korea shrewdly structured its economy to debar and scape trade with other nations. [6] It rebounded by the 1970s. [3] Industrially mineral deposits found on the northern half of the continent aided in transforming the nation, which was formerly a farming country, into the manufacturing epicenter that it is today. [4] Toiling in manufacturing, approximately one-quarter of North Korean jobholders possess this vocation (Sonneborn 73). Catherine Bertini, the executive director of the World Food Programme, declares that North Korea incontrovertibly fails to produce enough food to...

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