An Almost Perfect Kiss Essay

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So as many young adults are aware this particular dating application called “Tinder”
Already if you know what it is, you're probably sitting down, and letting your mind wonder. Well stop, it's not what your thinking. For those of my audience who don't let me explain this to you. This app has a few functions and operates like this; five photos of yourself are displayed and a brief summery of what you like to do and about yourself. Following that, this application is also linked to your Facebook, so it takes your interests or liked things and posts them a long side your biography. It goes on to ask a few questions and your preferences. Boy's or girls, ages eighteen to fifty... Just a side ...view middle of the document...

Yet I was enjoying the social life and interactions with girls my age. So why not? Let me tell you why not. First off, girls who are roommates are trouble. On this first occasion I was chatting up two girls and getting pretty comfortable and getting to the point where I wanted to ask the out on dates, separately of course. The thing is, I didn't know that they were roommates! So to my surprise when I go to take one of them out and the other one answers the door. Yes, it's not one of my smarter moments, but I played it cool. Thinking how I could possibly explain this to either of them, I decided that I would act like I knew and didn't care. Kind of bold, I'd say. Lets just say it didn't work out. So for a while I put the whole “Tinder” on hold. Went back to my routine of work and concentrating on getting ready for the nest up coming semester of school.
In that time that I took a break from Tinder, I worked some things out and saved up some money and, got ready for school. As the semester came around I started to become eager to infix myself in activities. So like any sane person, I thought that I might give Tinder another try. Upon reactivating my account and letting it load. I discovered that I had a lot matches, and few messages from some cute girls. Taking advantage of these opportunity’s, I jumped on it. Started chatting up as many as girls as possible. The key thing to remember is that my aim was to have fun and enjoy being back at school. Also to have a break from all the homework that has been given to me, especially English.
There was one girl in particular that had my attention and I asked for her number so we could text and get to know...

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