An Alternative To Cable Tv: Streaming Internet Video

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Streaming video content over the internet continues to grow in popularity with consumers for a variety of reasons, including the widespread availability of high speed internet, attractive video content, easy to use video streaming devices and the rising cost of cable television service. Some consumers use streaming video to enhance or supplement the typical offerings available from their local cable provider. Others take a more extreme approach and use streaming video as a means to eliminate the need for a cable television subscription altogether. Presently consumers cancelling their cable TV subscriptions are still considered a minority of all subscribers; nevertheless their steadily increasing numbers have earned the moniker of “cord cutters.” Those looking to ditch cable TV can also find a growing number of online resources that will ease their transition to cheaper online television viewing.
A high speed Internet connection is required to stream video. The Netflix Help Center recommends an Internet connection speed of 5.0 Megabits per second (Mbps) for HD video ("Internet Connection Speed Recommendations") Today most American households have access to broadband speeds capable of high-definition video. According to Anne Neville of the National Telecommunications and Information Administration, 98% of Americans have access to broadband speeds of six megabits per second and 83% to speeds of twenty five Mbps or more (Neville). These speeds are more than adequate for HD quality video streaming. With the current broadband initiatives in place this should continue to improve in coming years, along with the possibility of even greater speeds. Beginning in November 2013, Cox Communications began offering increased Internet connection speeds in many locations, including Roanoke, VA. Customers can now obtain basic level broadband service with a connection speed of five Mbps, and even higher speeds of twenty five, fifty and even 100 Mbps are now available in the average home. These advances in Internet technology allow for the vast majority of consumers to take advantage of streaming video as an entertainment option.
Now that the infrastructure is in place to make video streaming a real possibility, the availability of media is necessary for the continued evolution of streaming Internet video. There is undoubtedly no shortage of content providers today, with many household names on the list. Netflix, iTunes, Amazon, Hulu and YouTube are just a few of the larger players to offer streaming video in addition to music and other digital offerings. Consumers can purchase or rent movies and individual television episodes, or entire seasons of their favorite shows. Many providers offer extensive media content for a small flat monthly rate that is easily affordable, and often less than the cost of a single movie rental. The convenience and ready access to vast collections of video is appealing to patrons, and few will miss the days of driving to the local...

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