An Amazing Teacher That Changed My Life English Essay

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Destiny Arroyo
Professor LaVorgna
Composition 101
29 January 2017
On the first day of fifth grade my teacher, Mrs. Len, told my class a story about her son Brian, who is a bone cancer survivor. She became very emotional as she talked about their journey through his treatment and recovery. I have never seen a person radiate so much hope from such a devastating situation. After what Mrs. Len experienced with Brian’s illness, she decided to dedicate part of her life helping people in similar situations. She told us about a local organization she was part of called Delete Bone Cancer, which works to support and be there for families with a member suffering from bone cancer. Her attitude and strength toward her situation inspired me and led me to realize some significant lessons about love, hope, and positivity.
Mrs. Len always had a story to tell that would make us smile or laugh. Along with boring math and science, she taught valuable life lessons. Throughout the year, Mrs. Len shared stories with us about people in Delete Bone Cancer who had overcome some unfair battles. She never showed any sadness or frustration toward the disease. She instead spoke only with words of determination to find a cure to cancer. Whether the news from Delete Bone Cancer was good or bad, she always looked at the situation as an opportunity to do more and improve! Through her positive heart and spirit, she showed us how strong hope could be.
My parents taught me from a very young age that making smart choices with my money is important. This financial wisdom I got from my parents led me to save money. I would always set aside most of my $3.50 a week allowance. One day I was looking at the money that I had saved, wondering what I should do with it. I definitely did not feel like any toy or game for my Nintendo DS was worth the time I spend saving. I thought about all the stories Mrs. Len told us about Brian and all the other people she worked with through Delete Bone Cancer. I decided that was where I wanted all the money I had saved up to go. I kept to myself the decision I had made, and started putting a few dollars aside every month. I even added a little extra money I got for my birthday and Christmas. By the end of the school year, I had saved over one hundred...

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