An Analization On The Story The Bloodflowers By:W.D. Valgardson

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1.1 Plot SynopsisSummarize the story in ten sentences.1. Danny Thorson moves to the isolated Black Island on a teaching job.2. He spends time on the island and finds out that it is nothing but rock surrounded by water.3. He meets Sick Jack and his daughter Adel and finds Adel very attractive; he likes her a lot.4. Mrs. Poorwilly reveals to Danny that people on the island usually die in "threes."5. Sick Jack dies and they set him out to a sea burial.6. Danny witnesses Michael Fairweather die in a sea-storm.7. Marj Fairweather, Micheals mother, commits suicide from being overwhelmed with Michaels death.8. Mr. And Mrs. Poorwilly then volunteer to take in Marj Fairweather's kids which results to Danny moving out and moving in with Adel.9. Danny then falls in love with Adel and wants to marry her back at the mainland, off of the Island.10. Danny tries every possible way to get Adel and him off of the island but realizes he is cursed by the Blood flowers and is stuck there forever.1.2 Point of View/NarrationFrom whose perspective is the story being told? Why is this important?The story is being told by a Narrator. This is important because it keeps the reader guessing what each character is thinking. Although, as readers, we pretty much know what Danny thinks and the reasons for his actions but we do not know what the rest of the people on the island are thinking. It isn't until you look in depth to what the other characters say do you realize what they are actually trying to do to Danny.1.3 Passage AnalysisChoose one key passage. Re-write it in the space below. Discuss the importance of your chosen passage with respect to character, plot development, symbol and/or theme.Passage:"Trouble always comes in threes. Maybe you didn't notice it on the mainland because things are so complicated. On the island you can see it because it's small and you know everybody. There's just 35 houses. Somebody gets hurt, everybody knows about it. They can keep track. Three, six, nine, but it never end unless it's on something made up of threes.You'll see before the winter is out. Last month the radio said Emily died in the sanatorium. TB. Now Sick Jack's been failing badly. He's got to be a hard yellow and he's lost all his flesh. He dies, than there'll be one more thing to end it. After that, everything will be OK."Analysis:This passage is important because it gives the reader a great history of what the people are like on the island; what Danny is up against. It also hints to the reader that Danny may die. By this time in the story we know that the Poorwilly's don't want Danny to leave or at least they hint that they don't. When Mrs. Poorwilly states, "there'll be one more thing to end it," she gives the reader the intention that she's applying it as Danny's death. It shows a lot about her character. How she keeps certain things subtle and others quite blunt. The symbols in the passage are the numbers. "Three, six, nine." Numbers meaning people....

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