An Analysis Of The Movie "Women Of The Sun" Based On The Life Of The "Nyari People". Australian Aboriginals

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This movie introduces us to the customs and culture of the Australian Aboriginals, giving a fascinating insight into the rituals and legends of the Nyari people. This movie, set in 1824, shows us the lives of the Nyari people, who are completely undisturbed until they discover two convicts washed up on the beach of their tribal lands.After this, the Nyari people meet other white settlers searching for grazing land. The abuse of the Nyari's sacred tribal ways follows this.Even though the Aboriginals showed empathy to the white man, the white men exploited and dominated them. They forced them off their land and eventually led to the annihilation of the tribeBased on the video "Women of the Sun" and my own personal research on aboriginal culture, the following issues of* Socialisation,* Values and beliefs,* Social identity,* Ceremonies,* Laws and sanctionsAre of great significance in aboriginal society and I will elaborate on these points below.Socialisation-To start off with, let us go over the term socialisation to understand the meaning of this word. Socialisation is a term referring to the way people learn to become members of a society by accepting the social norms and mores that the society accepts and doesn't accept.This can also mean understanding laws and sanctions that may be imposed if you do something that is out of the norm or socially rejected.In this case, the most prevalent agents of socialisation and their respective examples are -* Family- Close knit community life, elders nurturing children with love and devotion. An example of a micro world* Peers- People your own age whom share the experience of growing up. E.g. Young Alinta fishing with her friend. Micro world* Location- Secluded Northern Australia previously untouched by colonialism. This is their macro world.* Media- Ancient stories about the dreamtime recited by elders to make young people socially literate. An example of a macro world.* Education- Learning how to hunt or nurture young, depending on gender.It is all these factors combined that determines how people are socialised in this particular society and also determines their social identity.Alinta's mother could sense that "Man of the sea" wasn't trying to socialise with the tribe, but on the same token, her intuition also led her to believe that "Hair of fire" was. "Hair of fire" made the attempt to socialise with them and was accepted into the tribe but "Man of the sea" didn't and got killed.Social Identity-In the eyes of the British explorers, the social identity that the aboriginals had was a race of barbariansExplorers might have thought that the aboriginals were barbarians due to the fact they didn't wear any clothes and that they were mostly nomadic people. The reasons for these facts are, Aboriginals did not have a need for clothes as they were a very close knit family group and didn't have the same norms that the British did...

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