An Analysis In The Caltech Rationale

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In the analysis of the events and inspirations in my life that led to my decision on where to attend college, I view the motif of puzzles and games of logic stemming from my infancy into the current day as a major component of the reason I picked Caltech over Penn, the final two colleges in narrowing down my college search. Caltech, a very small school of 235 students per grade represented hardcore academics with an infamously difficult core curriculum, focused mainly in pure and applied math and sciences, went at odds with the University of Pennsylvania’s class size of 2400, representing a school more renowned for its Wharton School of Business than its sciences and for the college and ...view middle of the document...

Although to the typical person hearing this, it may not sound like that game elicited a lot of fun, but something about tracking my mental progression and improvement in speed as I figured out mental tricks made me light up when I got the correct answer, as I laughed because of the fun, non-forced aspect. Throughout the years, whenever anyone has asked me about my favorite subject in school, I have undoubtedly, unashamedly declared it to be mathematics, even though I shall study physics at Caltech. For me, the subject of physics, rather than detracting from mathematics, represents its application to real-world scenarios by consolidating the subject into a more meaningful part of my life by adding in theories about the inner workings of the universe.
Furthermore, it has become an inside joke with me and some of my close friends that, when we form a study group to solve physics problems, my catch phrase recently has become “it’s common sense” when prefacing an explanation as to how I arrived at the correct answer. This is because of my preference for understanding the derivation of concepts and the logical consequences to certain actions, rather than stressing a rote memorization of words, definitions, or formulas, without understanding the reasoning behind them. I think it is for this reason that, were I hypothetically forced to pick a humanities course as a major, I would select economics, because, although the consequences of actions in the national and international economies and markets may be disputed, the theories that suggest different results, such as Classical versus Keynesian economics, follow a set rationale that proves better to understand than memorize. For that reason plus Mr. Walton being the best econ teacher ever, I somehow got a 100 average for two 6-weeks first semester. This natural proclivity for finding rational outcomes has led me to spend a while studying game theory, which suggests a more correct answer in a situation when...

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