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An Analysis Of "A 10 Year Record Of Immigrant Success"

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In “A 10-year record of immigration success”, Bob Hepburn highlights the positive impact that the Toronto Region Immigrant Employment Council has had on immigrants. The council- often referred to as TRIEC- helps immigrants find employment in the Toronto area upon their arrival to Canada. My purpose in this analysis is to investigate the social, economic, and political impacts of working immigrants. After this investigation, I will come to a conclusion as to whether TRIEC’s services are a necessary part of Canada’s future.
Firstly, TRIEC’s services will have social impacts. One of these impacts will be on healthcare. As of 2011, Canada has a shortage of nurses. As a nation, we would need to ...view middle of the document...

These various strains cause a loss of $72 to $86 billion annually. Often, immigrants are a part of this statistic. Hepburn’s article states that “More than 36 per cent of immigrants who have been in Canada less than five years live in poverty, according to a 2012 Canadian Labour Market Report”. This poverty is because, as stated in the article, immigrants can “find no jobs in their field or employment doors slammed in their face.” If all skilled immigrants who came to Canada could find adequate employment, these rates are sure to decrease. TRIEC’s service can help immigrants do this, and therefore their services are also a important part of Canadian economy.
Lastly, immigrant prosperity through TRIEC’s services will surely influence Canada’s political system. For example, Canada’s Temporary Foreign Workers Program is a program that allows employers to hire foreign workers to fill positions that were not filled by Canadians. The program was launched in 1973, and expanded by Liberal Prime Minister, Jean Chretien in 2002. The program was modified by the Conservative government in 2006, making it easier for employers to hire foreign workers. Since then, the program has caused many controversies, and Canadian’s are beginning to wonder if Parliament really has it under control. Canadian’s feel they are without work, because their government would rather pay a Temporary Foreign Worker less money, to do the same job. TRIEC’s services could...

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