An Analysis Of A Few Poems By Dorothy Parker On The Topic Of Men.

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Literature EventPer. 1st AP EnglishThe poet Dorothy Parker's style is rhyme based. Her poems are short but meaningful in the fact that they make you think beyond just what is written on the page. The first time I read some of her poetry I thought that it was too male centered most of the time. However I still like reading her poems because of the way they made me think, she has a different perspective on topics than I do. That is why I chose to read her poems for my literature event as appeased to another more recognized poet.The first poem I read was 'Interview' she talks about the ideal woman or what men think an ideal woman is. She writes 'Their candle gives a single light' at first I thought that it meant that they were simple. But then I went on to think that the ideal woman to men isn't simple but she just appears that way to men. Her choice to use the word 'Interview' for the title made me think of women trying to get a job for a secretary. The pretty one that isn't threatening gets the job according to Parker. 'They never sanction the impure, Nor recognize and overture.' A woman that doesn't hear or see evil and doesn't try to correct it is the ideal woman, one who doesn't recognize or overture. Her pattern is simple AABBCCDDEE in this poem. And the flow of the poem is fast, or at least I had to read it fast to get the rhythm scheme right. The last line is 'So far, I've had no complaints.' I felt like she meant that she's played this role before. She says I and there for puts herself in the place of the woman trying to get a job in the poem. Which helped me to realize that she is saying that men don't like to be threatened by women. I don't totally agree with what her point is, but the fact that it made me think is why I liked this particular poem.The next poem I read was about marriage. It reads...Unfortunate CoincidenceBy the time you swear you're his,Shivering and sighing,And he vows his passion isInfinite. Undying-Lady, make a note of this:One of you is lying.This poem talks about love and marriage, and how men don't mean what they say. Her view is that of a bitter divorcee I...

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