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An Analysis Of Blackberry Phones In The Market

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The biggest boom in the millennium had to be the internet. Since the start, there has been countless number of companies and products have been developed with the use of the internet in every way imaginable. The Blackberry was the pioneer of Smart phones that allowed users to access the internet wherever they were located. They could access applications that were useful in maintaining everyday activities such as E-Mail and Face book.
Technology has evolved over the years. It was first the pager that was a crucial device, then the PDA and lastly the Smartphone. The core product is the main idea of why a phone or Blackberry will be bought and its technology, connectivity and mere ownership of the device gives the owner the feeling of superiority. People cannot fathom existing without their cell phones these days. The ability to connect in case of an emergency, tardiness, chatting with friends and other similar situations is an important point. Everyone wants to “keep up with the Joneses” by having the latest devices.
The Blackberry is infamous for its QWERTY keyboard and the trackball/touch pad. It has a quality that cannot be compared with the iPhone. Everyone around the world is familiar with the Blackberry name and can immediately identify it. The Blackberry was once solely used for business but because of its success has become a known brand worldwide and used for personal use as well.
1984-1998 (Question Marks): When RIM started, it used funds raise by successful venture through capital funding. In the late 1980’s, it use Five Million in Canadian Dollars. This money helped it pay off its debt to other companies that they has contracts with, by the start of 1990 the company was having sales of more than a million dollars.
1999-2003 (Stars): In 1999, after years of innovation testing and hard work RIM was ready to launch it very first device under the brand name of Blackberry. In the beginning of 2002 the Blackberry stock dole-drummed to as low as USD 1.57 per share.
2004-2007 (Question Marks): In 2004, Blackberry celebrated its 20th Anniversary, but the year marked beginning of Blackberry’s epic rise with number of subscribers doubling in years to come. Blackberry reached 2 million subscribers worldwide in 2005. By the end of 2006 Blackberry had 5 million subscribers worldwide. Blackberry share touched USD 124.51 per share making the company worth over USD 67.35 Billion in Canada’s.
2007- Present (Questions Marks & Dogs): The Company touched 10 million subscribers milestone in 2007. Blackberry’s best year was 2009. It dug hard in the Smartphone market and it had a 20.7% market share in the Smartphone market worldwide. In 2010, this marked the beginning of Blackberry’s fall from the cliff. Blackberry fell to 14.8% while the Apple iPhone zoomed to 16.7% of the worldwide Smartphone market share. Android surged to 25.5 %. By the end of 2011, Blackberry had had the worst year when the stock price hit the all-time low level dropping to a...

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