An Analysis Of Conflict In The Novel The Son Of Neptune

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Do conflicts develop our characters and help us attain our goals? Following the theme of conflict in the novel the Son of Neptune, Rick Riordan uses conflict to make the piece of writing more interesting. Riordan incorporates different types of conflict in the novel to show how the heroes must co-operate with each other to complete their quest.

The conflict between the hero and his family shows a subsequent reaction
further in the novel. The author is showing the hero struggling with his family which
helps to form a closer bond with his friends. Riordan shows the hero separating himself from his father, Mars, the god of war, whom the hero despises, by working closer with his friends ...view middle of the document...

As well as battling the thought of death the hero has to overcome his state of being without a memory. There are many times when the author shows the hero as being upset because he cannot remember anything. In some moments the hero needed his memory to connect the dots about the quest. Towards the end of the book, they needed to find Thanatos, the god of death, and the hero knows where he is but cannot remember because of the curse (Conflicts with the Supernatural). With all these separate conflicts it is not hard to see the hero struggling with himself throughout the novel.

While overcoming his fear about death, the hero and his friends have to work
together to face the antagonist in the final battle. During the quest, the author shows the
hero being haunted in his dreams and images of the antagonist forming in the landscape.
(Son of Neptune, 265) Gaea’s sleeping face appeared in the shadows of the rocks. The
author wrote this to be interpreted in two ways: that the hero is under so much stress
from the quest, or that the antagonist has chosen to fight the battle mentally. Near the
end of the book, the author shows the hero overcoming his fear of dying. (Archetypal ...

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