An Analysis Of Depression And Its Role In The Rising Cases Of Teen Suicide Essay

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Teen Suicide

The deep depression felt by teenagers who often take their own life is a worrying trend that affects both urban and rural youth. Their behavior is similar to that of adults depression (loss of sleep, anxiety, despair, guilt, and loss of appetite), but teen depression may show its self-more indirectly. Mike Miller, a researcher into youth suicide, sites the obvious symptoms such as; day dreaming, acting as the class clown, the sudden dislike of school and/or a sudden dramatic fall in school performance as potential suicidal behavior. However, the symptoms of youth depression maybe more difficult to spot because victims of youth depression may mask their feelings. Instead of expressing sadness, teenagers may express boredom and irritability, or may choose to engage in risky behaviors. (Oster & Montgomery) Mood disorders are often accompanied by other psychological problems such as anxiety (Oster & Montgomery), eating disorders (Lasko, D.S., et al.), hyperactivity (Blackman), and substance abuse (Brown). All of these symptoms can lead to suicide.

For many teens, symptoms of depression are directly related to low self-esteem stemming from increased emphasis on peer popularity. For other teens, depression arises from poor family relations who could include decreased family support and perceived rejection by parents (Lasko, D.S., et al.) Oster and Montgomery stated that when parents are struggling over marital or career problems, or are ill themselves, teens may feel the tension and try to distract their parents This distraction could include increased disruptive behavior, self-inflicted isolation and even verbal threats of suicide. So how can a physician determine when a patient should be diagnosed as depressed or suicidal? Brown suggested that the best way to diagnose is to screen out the vulnerable groups of children and refer them for treatment. There are many risk factors in suicide and suicide attempts, but The main risk factors in suicide attempts are heavy alcohol consumption; male; previous attempted suicide attempt; a significant fall out of in a relationship (a very high risk factor) and depression (probably the highest risk factor). (Blackman) These factors can be recognized and acted upon, either with counseling from the family doctor or by access to one of the many help lines run by specialized support groups

Teen Suicide rates has steadily increased in the last 20 years and is now rampant among United States teens. Each year in the U.S., thousands of teenagers commit suicide. Suicide is now the third leading cause of death for people 15 - to 24 (behind accidents and homicide), and the sixth leading cause of death for children 5 - to - 14. (Miller) Adolescent suicide is now responsible for more teen deaths than cardiovascular diseases or cancer. Blackman remarked that the suicide rate for adolescents has increased 200% over the past decade, gangs sex and substance abuse are a few reasons for this increase. Brown...

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