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An Analysis Of E.E. Cummings' Anyone Lived In A Pretty How Town

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An Analysis of E.E. Cummings' Anyone Lived in a Pretty How Town

In reading this poem the first time, I had no clue as to what Cummings was speaking of. However, after many times through and several on-line readings, I believe that I have some semblance as to what Cummings was trying to convey in this poem. In reading this poem through on my own the first time, I saw Anyone as any person. However, Anyone is actually an individual, as is Noone. Anyone is seen to be a happy person as in line 4, he is seen singing and dancing. However, in contrast to him, were the women and men who not only didn't care for Anyone but also are living a life of a boring routine. The men and women are also referred to as Someones and Everyones. It is interesting that only the children see the love between Anyone and Noone. However, as they grew older, they succumb to the boring routine, as have the elders of this little town. Not only did Noone love Anyone but loved him more and more by the passing day. She felt all of his emotions with him. The poem speaks of marriage for the Someones and Everyones; however, it does not speak of love in these marriages. In contrast, Cummings speaks of the love felt between Anyone and Noone but not of marriage between the two.

I feel that this is just a little insignificant man in the eyes of the townspeople. The woman is not too much in their eyes either. However, they have found each other and in finding each other, they have found true love. They do not feel the need to go through the ceremony of marriage to show their love for one another. You can see that they were in each other's lives for a long time because in line 10 we see that the children who noticed their love are now adults. These children, as adults, marry but not for love and we also see some of the die in line 20, "they slept their dream". I see in lines 25-30 that their love was so deep that when Anyone died it was not shortly after that Noone also passed away.

It is a very sad life that I see for the other members in this community. Some of the...

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