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An Analysis Of Harriet Byrd From The Natural

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In movies there is always a villain or bad guy to ruin someone’s life or career. The only reason why they go after that person is because of jealously, money, or hatred. It is not always easy for villains or temptresses to get their targets, so they have to come up with clever ideas to lure their victims in. In the movie The Natural Harriet Byrd’s killing spree started off as jealously towards people who are very experienced in what they do and only want fame and fortune from it. When Harriet sees how much potential Roy Hobbs has in playing baseball, she then tries figures out what he wants from his extraordinary talent making him her next victim due to his answer.
Evidence that exemplifies Harriet as the seducer is when she first appears at the at the train stop, and Roy notices her through the dark smog coming from the train .She is wearing dark black clothing that is too revealing for the time period they were in, a black sheer brimmed hat that makes her look mysterious, and red nails/lipstick representing violent passion. Harriet is also one of Roy’s manipulators who want to get information about who he is to use against him in the end for their own benefit, or satisfaction. Some characteristics that prove Harriet as a dark person is when she is always in dimmed to dark lighting, and never showing all of her face. Harriet’s whole persona is edgy and unusual, so for a first impression she should make you quite aware what kind of person she is and leave you with your guard up.
Another scene that shows Harriet’s seductive ways is when she and Roy are talking in the dining car on the train. Harriet first approaches him late one night when she sees Roy sitting alone, and the train is going through a dark tunnel which causes the car to become dark with dim flickering lights. She then invites herself to joining him at his table, and starts asking questions focused on him. One question that Harriet asked was “what do you want from being a baseball player” and when Roy replied “to be the best there ever was and will be” she...

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