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An Analysis Of House And Home

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What is it that makes a house, a structure, into a home? There are many factors that influence the the housing we will able to afford and maintain. These factors, which can be cultural, environmental, economic, structural, or personal, are individual to each person and vary by races, ages and sociocultural status. And with each of these divisions, there is a different qualification for what constitutes as home. For some this division may depend on what aspects of life are important to that individual person, whether it be size, style, functionality, or versatility. In order to decide what constitutes as home, one needs to first understand how each factor of housing influences ...view middle of the document...

I immediately shared a small bedroom with my mother, before moving into a private room on the same floor.
About two years after moving in with my grandparents, my parents married, and began to rent a small apartment in Lancaster Place: a multi-building rental community in St. Cloud, MN (pictured right) (, n.d.b.). During this time my parents and I lived in an 875 square foot, 2 bedroom, 1 bathroom apartment. Shortly after, my newly married parents and I moved to another community, named Edgewood Court. In this complex, we lived in an 800 square foot, 2 bedroom and 1 bathroom apartment (, n.d.a.). This apartment (pictured right) was located in a neighborhood about 10 minutes away from our previous apartment complex, in a more residential area, with better access to public transport than the house in Palmer. Within two years, however, my mother and I returned to living full time with my grandparents in Palmer. After several years living with my grandparents, my mother began to see my (now) step- father, and we soon moved into a multi-building complex named Country Acres Estates (pictured right) (Minnesota Apartment People, n.d.). This property was in a much more desirable area than the apartments we had lived in previously, in the more affluent town of Sartell, Minnesota, which was a more family friendly area, with it’s own.
When I was 7 years old, my family, (including my newly married mother and step-father) moved into a one-story home in Sauk Rapids, MN. This house immediately featured 3 bedrooms and 1 full bath, though a second full bathroom was lated added when we renovated the basement (pictured right). This home was originally about 1,040 square feet, but is probably near 2,000 square feet after being finished ( n.d.e.). I would classify this property as a small ranch style home, based on its size, functional design, window style, and lack of exterior detail (Craven, n.d.). This home was only used as a single-family home, housing my parents and I, and later my younger brother. This house has accommodated all needs that many family has had, including a large amount of space, and a large (now fenced-in) lot.

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