An Analysis Of How "Summer, With Twins" By Rebecca Curtis Supports Prostitution.

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There are some people in this world who aren't fortunate enough to be a working citizen

There are some people in this world who aren't fortunate enough to be a working citizen. They're unable to get even a gruesomely underpaying job to pay off basic needs. As a result, some of them need to undertake the oldest profession to battle unemployment: prostitution. The lust for sex is able to get these people money in exchange for sexual favors. Should the wonder of procreation be seen as simply a paycheck? A close study of Rebecca Curtis' "Summer, With Twins" brings to light how this story encourages sex to be viewed as an element in a transaction.

First, this short story recognizes sex as an article of commerce because it is valid if the exchange is equivalent. In an exchange, you are trading something you have for something you want or need. By this definition, what one will receive would be greater than what they would be giving up because they made the choice out of their own free will to accept the trade. When the narrator finds out that she was to pay rent, she realized that she wouldn't be able to afford to go to school next fall. One way or another, she needed to get some money before the end of summer. At first, she started working extra shifts but that wasn't enough. It was then that her boss Boris asked her to spend the night with him and in return he would give her a hefty thousand-dollar pay. When the narrator heard this, it is revealed that she took his offer into consideration instead of completely rejecting it out of disgust. She was genuinely interested in his proposition as expressed on page 37 when she tells herself: "I wanted the extra cash, but I didn't think I could do it" and "The money was staggering". Although she wasn't to keen on the idea, she knew that she would be getting something that she greatly desired and that it would...

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