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An Analysis Of If Men Could Me

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From your perspective (male or female) how valid are the speculations offered by the author of “If Men Could Menstruate”

Nothing With out a woman

     A hypothesis on a hyperbole is the best description one can render onto this piece by Gloria Steinem. The ideas present in the essay “If Men could menstruate” are so drastic and ridiculous, that it demands a second reading. These same ridiculous thoughts on this unique subject matter are generally quaint but for the greater part they evoke thought on the reality of society. Boarders, languages and oceans separate the planet physically; class distinctions, religion, color and gender separate it mentally. Man in all his glory cannot justify or gratify himself unless some other party recognizes a superior, therefor; it obviously becomes imperative for men to be seen by other as superiors. Based on this reasoning it is safe to imply that distinctions are a man made concepts that are used to promote his superiority be it in class, color and gender. Gloria Steinem uniquely presented a true and accurate stance on gender distinction based on the fact that any and almost every thing has been used to promote male superiority and female inferiority.
The society today is not one that lends itself to the topic of a woman’s menstruation; quite frankly it is revered as taboo. A woman’s Menstruation (her period) is seen by males as an obstacle and is considered very dirty sexually. The menstrual cycle as perceived by males transcends the sexes and is also shared by women themselves, the monthly burden. Women were thought from they were children that they are frail, hence limiting what they can do, whereas, males are thought how to be tough and that there is nothing a man cannot do. This methodology in child raring is where gender distinctions start. Males are raised to be superior to females and females are raised to complement male not to compete with them. With this in mind it is clear that male children have been given an advantage over women, an unfair advantage but and advantage non-the-less. Women have been deprived of opportunity for millennia without realising it until today.
Imagine then, if men could suddenly do the one thing that makes a woman a woman. This would be the ultimate insult to the opposite sex. Men can make simple aspect such as physical size and strength, positive factors of their superiority, what would their command of a menstrual cycle and the ability to bear children cause an already male dominated world. Women would be subjected to further suppression and neglect by the now ultimate dominant specie. These views are not circumstantial; they are based on the human behavioural tendency to supersede...

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