An Analysis Of: Is Google Making Us Stupid? Composition Analysis Essay

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Pre-Analysis of Is Google Making Us Stupid?
By: Nicholas Carr
An analysis of the article Is Google Making Us Stupid? By Nicholas Carr. Every day there seems to be some new way that technology advances in a way that makes life easier for people. In the article Nicholas tries to explain that how the information is presented to us, in this case through the internet, changes our way of thinking. To begin he shares his own experience and thoughts on how the internet is causing his focus issues, how he cannot immerse himself in a book like he used to, and causes him to be fidgety while reading. After that he goes on to how his life is surrounded by the internet and that the blame for his issues on how he is no longer able to stay focused and connected to reading lies with the web; but at the same time finds the internet to be a great tool for anyone especially himself being a writer. Trying to draw readers in he then uses a heavy dose of appeals comparing the differences of the past and the present and how it changed not only himself but everyone else as well and how they are able to focus and comprehend, or lack thereof, due to the heavy growth and reliance upon the internet. In his research to compare all of this he gathered together a fair amount of research sourced and cited through many credited writers who feel very similar to how he does on how the internet effects people. He uses a great deal of personal experience and research which is backed up by good sources to bring the viewer in and try to persuade them that today the internet, as great as it is for researching and many other things, causes a change in how people are able to comprehend.
Not only does Carr have his own individual experiences with the negative effects, he also did some research showing how many other writers agree with him on this subject to help support his strategies of logos. The use of this evidence that came from writers besides himself helps to draw the reader in and show them the effects with the help of some reputable resources. He states in the article that one of the readings he gained his information from said, “It is clear that users are not reading online in the traditional sense”; that the way we read now is what you would call ‘skimming’ or reading “horizontally through titles, contents pages and abstracts going for quick wins”. When people read on the web they typically don’t read the full length of whatever the article may be and often lose focus extremely fast bouncing from page to page. Carr uses this piece of information because most anyone can relate, much like he does himself. He uses that and relates it to physical readings and how it has become almost automatic to read it the same way as what is read online. Another time that Carr uses logos is an example stating when a writer, specifically Maryanne Wolf, describes how due to texting and cell phones we are experience a much different type of reading today than what was expected in the past; a type...

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