An Analysis Of Marketing

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An Analysis of Marketing

As defined by Kotler and Armstrong (1994) marketing is “a social
process by which individuals and groups obtain what they need and want
through creating and exchanging products and value with others”.
Marketing is an extensive topic. Primarily when we consider what is
marketing we think about the advertising, publicity and selling of a
product or service. In actual fact the prime concern of marketing is
customers, and the establishment and growth of relationships between
organisations and consumers. It consists of studying the wants and
needs of the customers and how to make the perfect product which is
priced, promoted and distributed in the right place to make it
successful and fulfilling. It is vital for marketers to understand
the wants and needs of consumers to ensure their marketing activities
fulfil these. Initially they have to assert themselves with the fact
that the human being has needs, these include the basic needs such as
food, water, shelter, and clothing, social needs such as belonging and
affection, and then individual needs of knowledge and self
expression. Marketers need to ensure that they always meet these
needs as they are set in our human makeup. A human without these
needs being met will not be satisfied and will not want or demand
other products. Putting this example in place within the tourism
industry, a customer whose hotel does not meet their requirements will
not have their need of shelter sufficiently fulfilled. Humans also
have wants; these are formed by an individual’s culture and
personality. Wants tend to be objects (hamburgers) that will fulfil
one of the basic needs (food). Humans choose products that provide
them with the greatest amount of value and satisfaction for their
money. Demands are wants that are backed by buying power. As Kotler
explains “given their wants and resources, people demand products with
the benefits that add up to the most satisfaction”.

Marketing affects everybody in their day to day lives. Throughout our
lives we are all consumers who are subjected to marketing activities,
which then have influence on the decisions we make and how we go about
our daily routines. The way products and services are marketed
impacts upon our experience of them, and the satisfaction gained. In
the Travel and Tourism Industry, the experience tends to be
interactive; therefore attractions need a great amount of marketing by
organisations in order to encourage people to believe that their
attraction is the one they should choose to visit. For example in my
personal opinion, I feel that the Science Museum in London tends to
provide better interactive and attractive marketing than that of the
Victoria and Albert Museum. The difference in marketing activities
could be due to the fact of the market...

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